With my 30th birthday just around the corner I have become obsessed with healthy eating, so at the weekend I made a few soups and froze them for a quick healthy lunch option here are my two favorite.

Potato, carrot and leek soup.



  • 1 leek, chopped
  • 1 carrot, peeled and chopped
  • 1 potato, peeled and chopped
  • 600-700ml water or chicken/vegetable stock
  • 1 tsp parsley, chopped
  • a pinch of salt


1. In a pot or saucepan, put in chopped leek, carrot, and potato.

2. Add in water. Put on the lid and simmer until vegetables are soft.

3. Season the soup and serve in soup bowls.

4. Garnish with chopped parsley.

Chicken soup

dscn0761Chicken carcase placed into the pan

dscn0764Yummy soup, just had to take the bones out and there was enough to  make 6 bowls worth.

This is so easy just throw all your left over veggies into a pan cover in chicken stock and add the carcass of your left over chicken and simmer til meat falls off the bones, I left my for about two hours.

More Hair!

So last Friday while getting ready for a full day of appointments and meeting I got a phone call from my hairdressers seeing if I was free for one of the girls to practice an up do on and like any good girl I obviously said I was free and quickly changed my day around.

DSCN4790 Starting with curls is always good.



DSCN4804 Super pretty from the back.

DSCN4806 I love my hairdressers starting to think I need to go to them every week so I don’t have to deal with my hair.

Thank you Hair 38!

Lunch with grandparents!

It was Ben’s grandmothers birthday a couple of weeks ago and when it comes to presents for grandparents me and Ben take them out for lunch instead of giving them something they don’t really want or need. So we took his grandparents out at the weekend for lunch which I can safely say was one of the best meals I have had in a while.

DSCN4808 We went to The Stamford bridge near Chester.

DSCN4809 Inside is decorated like a good old fashioned pub, I bagged the sit next to this lovely coal fire.

DSCN4816 I trying to lose some of my cake weight for summer so went for the healthiest thing on the menu, which was red pepper & butternut squash risotto which was lush and super filling.

DSCN4818 Frieda had the Beef lasagne

DSCN4820 David had the fish pie.

DSCN4821 And finally Ben had a cheese platter which could have fed the whole table.

DSCN4822 Of course us girls had to have pudding, ~Frieda had Eton mess which looked amazing.

DSCN4823 And although not on the menu I asked the waiter if I could have some fruit ( being really good ) and he bought me this out.

The meal was lovely and the service was above and beyond, by far the best service I have had for a while.

Prop Shopping!

Earlier in the week I went prop shopping for the recipe book I am putting together, I had a good idea of what I wanted unfortunately when I got to Dagfields I went a bit crazy and fell in love with the oddest of objects.

Hello ugly looking animals!

 WP_20140129_021Mice heart cheese.


WP_20140129_027 Thankfully I didn’t buy all of these, but I have a far few ugly animals looking forward to photography them though.






WP_20140129_022 I actually wanted this for my house but knew Ben won’t let me put him up think hes already at breaking point with all the candles and cushions I have.

Look out next week for some of the photographs from my shoot.

Hair model

When I had my hair coloured last week my hairdresser was telling me that one of the girls needed someone to practice some styling on, never one to pass up on a free hair do I quickly volunteered myself.

Here is what Jordanna created as I enjoyed a gossip and cup of tea.






DSCN4765 This plait was super cute.




DSCN4783 This is my favorite style of the morning.


DSCN4782 I had a wash and blow dry to finish and I can safely say I love nothing more then a morning at the hairdressers.

Valentines day crafts!

I love Valentines day unfortunately Ben doesn’t so like any good couple we meet in the middle and instead of going out and spending too much money on a present for the sake of a present we cook a nice meal and stay in. As for the present we limit ourselves to £10 each. And I was thinking this year I will make him something cute so here are some of my favorite ideas from pinterest.

f5b3a5efd968e4574b67f7be33c5a40c How cute are these arrows?

2b6d53ab8377b058538c8c90d0fb15e9 Strawberry chocolate hearts, these would make a cute after dinner treat.

5c782a3e8a48b3b597647a7f30d3e905 Heart snow globe.

6b885b182f028cf57d833338b3d48600 This card likes easy to do.

97d30663b74827e92a8acc9e3add6121Heart shaped pancakes a lovely way to start the day.

836d917b4c0213bc9d89f620e74b70fb Heart shaped pictured made from jewellery pieces.

b7d18e315764c3e0fcf672cd45bba6f7 Heart shaped crisps treat, this is one to sneak into his lunch box.

ba7cbd0d88dcd3393118a4165b6c9d6d Im not going to lie Ben would love this a heart shaped candy box filled with mini whiskeys.

ec7c23fe2eb4f1f040c4c70d9f90f735 Heart bunting <3

ec89122143c08c478b5c2720836064f3 This is pretty and would work in my house all year round.

Battle of Nantwich



Days like Saturday are why I love my little town, as I spent my afternoon watching a re-enactment of the 1644 battle of Nantwich . The battle took place between the Royalists and the Parliamentarians.  Ok so thats about as much as I actually know about the battle and I had every intention of paying more attention but I was totally absorbed with the actual fighting and the canons. In fact I was like a kid in a candy store.

DSCN4663 A women making stew as they did in 1644.

DSCN4686 The afternoon started with a parade of the troops.

DSCN4677 The weather took as nasty turn in the shape of a thunder storm so we ducked into a local pub before the actual fighting started.


DSCN4730 The canons were so loud.



Etsy Love/Valentines Day

Here are some cute ideas for Valentines day from Etsy.


1. Hand stamped personalised heart key chains by TheSilverDiva

2. Paper conversation hearts garland by FleurandStitch

3. Dual gloves for him and her by warmpresents

4. Sweet memories print by iNKYSQUIDSTUDIO

5. Otter card by MyZoetrope

6. Soul mate pillowcases by eugenie2

7. Valentines card by RowHouse14

Imperial War Museum North

On Sunday while in Manchester we decided to head over to the Imperial war museum North via media city on the tram which excited me a lot more then it should have.

IMG_2265 copy

Waiting for the tram.

IMG_2268 copy

    Ben not enjoying the tram as much as I was.

IMG_2284 copy

BBC at Media city

IMG_2280 copy Across the river The Lowery

IMG_2286 copy Imperial war museum North.

IMG_2331 copy This building is beautiful and great to photograph.

The museum is made up from several exhibitions, as not to spoil the whole experience for you I have just picked one of the exhibitions to share if you.

IMG_2290 copy

IMG_2298 copy

IMG_2308 copy

IMG_2324 copy Women in the war.

IMG_2320 copy

IMG_2302 copy

WP_20140119_013 And finally The big picture show (above) is one of the greatest uses of space I have ever seen in a museum or gallery and is worth the trip out on its own.